Recall Gavin Newsom

Recall Gavin Newsom
Recall Gavin Newsom

A coalition  driving a Petition that registered voters can either print sign and mail or go to a permanent signing location.

There are 1.5 million verified signatures needed to get the recall of Governor Gavin Newsom on the ballot for a special election.

Mainly driven by volunteers we have collected over a million signatures as of January 10th and have until March 17,2021 to gather the rest

We are a grassroots organization and the bulk of funding comes from donations from the public including those from around the country who want to ensure that the failing policies of Gavin Newsom in California do not become a national political issue.

All information, and locations, along with the petition can be found at

This includes the link to donate to help fund the recall effort.

The link to our main Facebook group is: