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The greatest city on Earth is on the brink of annihilation by criminals, anarchists, rioters and looters running rampant throughout the streets without fear or consequence. Crime levels have skyrocketed and reverted to the chaos and destruction of decades past, like a dystopian society.

The flagrant ineptitude, inactions and hypocrisies of our ultra progressive politicians on the city and state level have failed its law abiding citizens. NYC needs our help, as if it were a lone wounded wolf in dire need of rescue by the pack. Basic constitutional freedoms such as religious worship, assembly, right to bear arms, and the safety of our families, businesses, and communities are in jeopardy largely in part because of bail reform, inexplicable anti-police sentiment and outlandish progressive policies. Rather, we need funding for our law enforcement with more training and reform for better police-community relations and implement positive political change for the restoration of law & order.

The voice of the silent majority can no longer be quelled. In unity we can and will accomplish greatness. Our group does not condone violence, nor do we tolerate hatred or racist ideologies. Our group members are concerned citizens from all races, creeds, ethnicities and cultures with a plethora of different ideologies and political viewpoints. There is no such thing as a perfect Utopian society; while we might not agree on everything, in the end we join forces to make our city great once again. United we stand in strength and solidarity


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